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Cat and Sens of Life

There is number of people asking for sense of life just before the retirement age. I was lucky to meet one professor who is highly regarded in the scientific environment, published an enormous amount of papers and openly admitted lack of knowledge on sense of life.

I was again lucky. I moved to a place with a 20 years old cat in it.  Her name is Smokey and I think she is holding the key to the kingdom of wisdom. She sleeps most of the time.  At the moment the sun moves into her shade she has to lift up her butt and move again to a shadier place.

When hungry she meowing in front of me for as long as she gets what she wants. It seems that no time and no fear exist in her world. Just let it all flow.

No Borders


was very intrigued by one Slovenian biologist. He took off in his ultra-light plane on a trip around the world:

He spent plenty of time up there close to heaven and appeared to be a very enlighten person. And the way he expresses himself reminds me very much of the way Old Testament Messiahs speak = very short sentences but with a heavy load of meaning.

Matevz Lenarcic says: “You do not see borders from the air. Borders are in our heads” – Thank You Mr/Lord. This is so true and immediately makes me think about the languages. I see  two types of people down here around me:

1. The ones which are happy to be settled in one place for a life time and show no need to understand other cultures/tribes. The immigrants trying to speak their language appear to invade their own land.

2. The second group of people are an open-minded ones and they try to go up there and see no borders. These are the science people.

In order to tease them apart  I would call for a new language to arise. ESPERANTO is a great example. It would save immigrants from feelings of being an invader on someone’s land and facilitate recognizing the open-minded souls.

My Science

My real science has started on 28th of March. On that day I was officially enrolled into the PhD studies at Murdoch University, Perth Australia. The official science is a very structured and at the same time mentally demanding. Therefore there should be an area where my thoughts can let loose and roam around as much as they want. This is it.