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Garden out-crossing

Following the exhausting read on restoration practices in WA I decided to run my own survey across residents in my suburbs. This survey was published in the community newspaper -the one that everyone gets every week for free:

My intention was to see what is people attitude towards native plants. How do they approach their own gardens and do they find the idea of native garden worth trying? I have recieved quite many responses. Thank You Neighbours! With help of my partner we managed to write up a short summary of this survey that is going to be published in WA Wildflower Society Newsletter (August 2013). A positive one.

My dream is that gardens will one day become an important part of nature conservation. I see how quickly suburbs sprawl into the last bits of nature reserves. As the land is very expensive developer try to fit as many houses into the blocks as possible. It leaves future residents virtually with no gardens. There is even no room for novel ecosystem paradigms. I could see properties supporting native gardens in exchange for lower land taxes. Rare plants spread around the gardens could support the gene flow of wild plants scattered in small reserves. Dream on. Dream on.