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Ecology Yes – Politics No

As emphasized many times by prof. Richard Hobbs in his presentation on urban bushlands: There is too many people loving nature and unique Australian biodiversity but very few eager to influence the decision politics obsessed with economical growth make. As a result we have crowds of people coming to the wildflower walks organized by Murdoch Branch of Wildflower society of WA as the remnant bushlands become smaller and smaller:


And everyone is genuinely interested in what is on offer around here. Our guide Eddy Wajon explaining:


Wildflower Walks organized by passionate naturalists from Murdoch Branch attracted nearly 300 attendees this 2015 Winter. See for yourself by clicking on the Event Pages that document the popularity of the walks:

Forrestdale Lake Wildflower Walk on 30 August 2015

Samson Park Wildflower Walk on 05 September 2015

Wireless Hill Wildflower Walk on 13 September 2015

Ken Hurst Wildflower Walk on 19 September 2015

Orelia Wildflower Walk on 20 September 2015 

and we are looking forward to our political walk that will look at the flora and fauna while promoting the idea of outer port instead of bulldozing the reminder of urban bushland south of the Swan River in Perth, Western Australia:

#NoRoe8 Wildflower Walk on 31 October 2015

Urban Ecology with Citizen Scientists

15 enthusiasts of citizen science (out of ~8000 reached by Facebook Ad) came on 16 August 2015 to Anstey Keane Bush Forever Site (number 342) to participate in the open research on how disturbance affects soil quality and plant diversity. (more…)