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Feeling Blue? Join Coring Campaign


Do you want to submerge yourself into billion dollar vistas and help the world?  Well, you can! Come along and join the coring campaign in and around Melbourne, Victoria.

Here is the live plan (Google Spreadsheet) of the daily trips & post-trip sample processing. Send me email on if you can join any of the pre-planned activities (check the blue & yellow column in the above Spreadsheet).

What blue vistas to expect (Swan Bay below):


Removal of atmospheric CO2 through biosequestration is necessary to keep global warming under control and move world to a low-carbon economy.  Australian coastal ecosystems present a huge blue capital worth billions of dollars (see Lavery 2013). Blue because these ecosystems can pull down and store atmospheric CO2 (out of blue skies) for years to come.  As part of my job as a research assistant at Blue Carbon Lab is to lead 2018 coring campaign to assess the carbon stock and carbon sequestration rate across multiple locations in Victoria and multiple blue carbon ecosystems = seagrass, saltmarsh and mangrove ecosystems. Be fast, Reserve the spot for the unforgettable ride (email me on:!