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No Borders


was very intrigued by one Slovenian biologist. He took off in his ultra-light plane on a trip around the world:

He spent plenty of time up there close to heaven and appeared to be a very enlighten person. And the way he expresses himself reminds me very much of the way Old Testament Messiahs speak = very short sentences but with a heavy load of meaning.

Matevz Lenarcic says: “You do not see borders from the air. Borders are in our heads” – Thank You Mr/Lord. This is so true and immediately makes me think about the languages. I seeĀ  two types of people down here around me:

1. The ones which are happy to be settled in one place for a life time and show no need to understand other cultures/tribes. The immigrants trying to speak their language appear to invade their own land.

2. The second group of people are an open-minded ones and they try to go up there and see no borders. These are the science people.

In order to tease them apartĀ  I would call for a new language to arise. ESPERANTO is a great example. It would save immigrants from feelings of being an invader on someone’s land and facilitate recognizing the open-minded souls.