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On a verge of extinction


lot of effort and arguments were put in place before proposed Keane Road extension was stopped and the remnant bush land was saved from the hands of the developers. It is obvious for ecologist and naturalists that we should not let any of this precious diversity be lost but on the other hand though I have captured today this ¨happy¨ couple checking their block where their future house will be built…



It looks like there is not much time left until the urban areas squeeze onto the last natural jewels of The Anstey-Keane Dampland.

Road to Bush

Developers start from cutting the road through the last pieces of bushland (Keane Road above & Skeet Road below):

Skeet Road

..and quickly fill up the adjacent space with products that couples are willing to sign their life away to:

Future Suburb

As Marilyn points out the “Bush Forever” sign is already missing:

Sign missing

If you want to join in rediscovering your local bushland and help protecting the reminder of what it used to be a very bio-diverse ecosystem join us on the Wildflower Walk across Anstey-Keane.